E-Commerce first and last meeting for the year 2008

After how many days of studying 12 topic about the subject e-commerce and making 12 powerpoint presentations, at last it end up enjoying since we disccussed and learned a lot on the subject. New knowledge and learnings we gained and after that Mr. Randy the professor for the said subject treated us a bunch of loaf breads and softdrinks after we finish on presenting our topics. Thanks a lot sir for your effort on guiding us to new knowledge.

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A short Poem of my own composition

by: sardscreed

Lying in soft green grasses
I was thinking of the memories we had
Laughing and crying
We both shared in years that past

Is it really painful?
Or you must be thankful?
For you have knew and help me
In every step I may be

It is really sad to give up
Letting things to stood up
Having an unfair heart to lead us
In this desperate ways we had

Please don't be so ignorant
'cause I'm gone for a moment
Forgive me if I'm gone too long
'cause I done this no wrong

Can't deny what I'm feeling
For somewhat kind friend I'm leaving
In this nice world we've dreaming
We can do what it takes for living

Drops of tears from my eyes
Symbol of love for you I have
Have love and treasure for it
'cause I'm the one to guide you always

Shalom my friend, you know it's not the end
For it is the start of our long joyride
To the success and enjoyment
Of our free choosing journey

Maybe it's sad or happy I may
But to leave you is the most painful way
Farewell for this time
But not goodbye forever

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Ban of Brothers on Strolling

I and the Ban of Brothers (James, Angelo, John, Chris, Rendell) went yesterday at Gaisano mall of Davao and enjoy lots of fun there. Window shopping and having pictures on different stuffs are our enjoyment there. After that we go to the People's Park and we enjoy the beauty of the christmas decorations and lightings there. We really have fun and I hope that it would happen again on the next time around.

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Pacquiao wins against Dela Hoya

Pacquiao had proven his strength and speed and becomes the number one Pound for pound fighter.
Dela Hoya's team had surrender before the 9th round. Manny had made his job on the 1st until the 8th round of the match. Dela Hoya never had a chance to frighten Manny in the match. All of the Filipino community right now are enjoying of what happened except those people who gamble for Dela Hoya to win the match.

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Another Future Technology Reflection

We had continue our presentation of Past, Present and Future technology lately this morning and we experience lots of fun and enjoyment in the presentation. Even though there were some sort of sermons but we had prove that our professor was also a considerate one. I am glad of what had happened this morning since we all had survive on the presentation of topics. I am also glad that the presentation of Past technologies was postponed and change to the next year schedule. Therefore we and my group mates could eventually make our presentation more presentable and eye catching.

This is the sketch of my group mate Mr. Eric Ibasco about our future aircraft technology which features.

-solar panel technology
-levitation technology
-could dock on water

-sensor technology
-Artificial Intelligence
-Boomerang shaped

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My Featured Song

Just The Girl
by: Click Five

She's cold and she's cruel
But she knows what she's doin'
She pushed me in the pool
At our last school reunion
She laughs at my dreams
But I dream about her laughter
Strange as it seems
She's the one I'm after

Cause she's bittersweet
She knocks me off of my feet
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else
She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep comin' back for more
She's just the girl I'm lookin' for

She can't keep a secret
For more than an hour
She runs on 100 proof attitude power
And the more she ignores me
The more I adore her
What can I do?
I'd do anything for her

Cause she's bittersweet
She knocks me off of my feet
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else
She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep comin' back for more
She's just the girl I'm lookin' for

The way she sees it's me
On her caller ID
She won't pick up the phone
She'd rather be alone
But I can't give up just yet
Cause every word she's ever said
Is still ringin' in my head
Still ringin' in my head

She's cold and she's cruel
But she knows what she's doin'
Knows just what to say
So my whole day is ruined

Cause she's bittersweet
She knocks me off of my feet
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else
She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep comin' back for more

Cause she's bittersweet
She knocks me off of my feet
And I can't help myself
I don't want anyone else
She's a mystery
She's too much for me
But I keep comin' back for more
Oh, I keep comin' back for more
She's just the girl I'm lookin' for
Just the girl I'm lookin' for

I'm lookin' for
I'm lookin' for
I'm lookin' for
Just the girl I'm lookin' for

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Me as an Information Technology professional

Life is indeed so beautiful that through living we could enjoy and achieve all our dreams. Many people just enjoy life as it is. They don’t seen to realize how special we are having the things we have and enjoying the happiness of living because we are living in a world full of things and stuffs. The innovation had seems to come to a point of increase. We tend to create stuffs and gadgets to compromise those works on a snap of an eye. The development of technologies is now increasing that we could only realize its existence when we are using it. Different kinds of technologies evolved that we could not even realize how useful it is in our daily activities. Really man had made his way of living through innovations. We tend to develop and innovate something new for the purpose of ourselves and others, thus giving us the opportunity to work with ease on our jobs today. From the past centuries, man is in the age of what we call Industrial age, thus having to manually work on his jobs. No computers that could automatically calculates computations. Helps us on storing files and databases, create software that would ease the jobs from storing, encoding, printing and as well as a tool for sending e-mails. Accessing websites and even communication through the chat technology is also its main help. Truly the way of storing files was through folders and sorting them on cabinets for ease access. There were so many jobs that are manually done and the time to finish is so very big that is ten times slower of compared to today’s technology.

No cellular phones that would help us in communicating with each other. Also helps us on calculations and even on creating notes. The way of communication through different places is by means of mails that were sent by the postman. That there comes a time that we could not eventually receive those mails and the time it takes is very much long.

The way of transportation at that time was also an issue since today we now have planes and railway transits that are use for fast transportation. Before the cars are not meant for public vehicles and horses and wagons are mainly used for transportation.

Today, as a well-modernized world, we are engage in an instant way of living making things so easy and at a full speed. We now have computers and internet on pair. We could easily surf on internet for news on different fields like sports, entertainment, educations and etc. We also have access to web files n an instant. Automations and calculations are easily done. We also engage in different communities enabling us to work hand on hand, share and even an easy way communication with each other was being made through networks. Computers and the internet really made a benchmark on our daily living. It makes us more productive and the nature of the work was made easier. There are so many of our software right now that are very much helpful in our jobs. Financial, banking and inventory are among the well known systems that are very much of use right now. The existence of cloud computing is also an example that truly computers and internet is engage with. Through the cloud computing, services on software were easily distributed to different cloud clients and even to internet users. This deployment was very much useful to us and now become part of our life since we are engage on computers and the internet.

The world of medicine right now are engaged on curing many kinds of illnesses and disease, thus is it good if to continue living is the main goal of ourselves. We have discovered many technologies that help us treating patients with different kinds of sickness. But on the filed of cancers, we have the inability to cure it when the stage is on the highest stage. We al know that many people had died due to cancer. And we forbid since we are unable to cure them due to the inability of our technologies. And on the field of AIDS, the inability to cure was also the reasons why there are so many people right now are dying. There were the issues that should be address in the field of the medical technologies.

Since we are engage in the world of technology, we don’t even realize the existence of electricity that serves as the main source of energy for technology to work. We use electricity for our lights like bulbs and fluorescents. We use electricity on computers, televisions, fans, rice cookers and even charging our batteries on cellular phones. Without the electricity, there maybe a world of darkness since most of all the people in the world uses electricity to power houses and establishments. Electricity really is an important entity on our lives since we are engage in the electric powered technologies. What if there would come a time that we could not produce electricity anymore? How could we handle this kind of events? Technologies today are powered by electricity, thus the loss of electricity will be the uselessness of our technologies. The past will tend to go back on how we handle our jobs having those jobs without technologies involve.

We are engage on technology innovations and not realizing how our environment is now getting so polluted. We don’t even think of how to conserve our forest and nature. Really a big part of our lives is the nature. Today, global warming had increased due to damage on our atmosphere. Ultra violet rays tend to create illnesses that could even kill us. If we want to live more then we should continue to conserve our forest and the nature itself. Then discovering and innovating technologies following the laws of the environment.

In order for us to live, we eat and drink water. But us technology innovations has further arise, many of our food technologies are now less nutritious compared to the early food we eat ad that there are many kinds of beverages are now also give us some nutrient that our body should not of need. And in order for us to live longer, food and beverages should be deal with.

Information Technology Professionals are term to those people who are engage in Information Technologies and have enough knowledge in hardware and software technologies. Nowadays there comes a time of different innovations on different areas of technology. Because of this, the world today have engage in vast developments of information technologies and the IT Professionals are one of the main factors involve in this kind of transformation.

If I were to become an Information Technology Professional, I would suggest innovations that are very useful to our daily walks in life. Those innovation that are very useful to our works, transportation, companies and even in our personal activities. We all know that today, even we are using different technologies in offices we could still prove that the there are also some jobs that technologies does not exist. Office works right now should be done involving technologies to make sure of the output that you want to obtain. Engaging technologies in our office works really make our jobs done so ease and really a big matter. Using technologies to the work but not on the sense that man could not be called as a useless person that only does nothing.

On the field of transportation, I would like to contribute on the implementation of the water powered vehicles that would really help us on transportation. Really one of the major problems today is how we transport and the cost of transportation. Many years have pass and the increase on fare have truly increased. Even there are decreased that happen, we could conclude that the cost of transportation today really increased. Many students and public workers today are really mad with the increase of transportation. Even other countries are engage with this kind of issue since the production of oil was really the main problem. We could say that the fare would be lessened and the pollution would surely be decreased.

In the field of medical technologies, I would suggest those medicines that could help cancer patients in curing. Many people had died because of cancers. I agree to the previous presenters of the future technologies idea of creating nanobots that would be injected on humans and that would help humans in curing their cancer illnesses. It would eliminate those cancer cells and transforming if t normal cells to continue humans to live more. A technology that would lead to the cure of HIV should me deal with. There should be a technology that would help humans against HIV viruses. A gadget that would easily eliminate HIV viruses when injected to humans or even a pill that should be take to cure it. If this would happen, the way of living would truly be treasured since medications are all answered. Means of living was truly changed due to cancer illnesses and HIV viruses. If we could work on this, the growth of human would really increase. Millions have died due to cancer and millions also are dying because of cancer. If I could contribute to the development of this kind of technology, then I would really be of help as an Information Technology professional. Many kinds of studies have evolved right now and the discovery is really far from the implementations. I hope that this kind of innovations really of big help to humans specially those with cancer illness.

In the field of communication, I would suggest to have technologies that enabled us to communicate with each other with the help of a cellular phones but having the no cost on sending text messages and even phone calls. With this kind of technology, our communication process would really be of ease. I agree that the communication industry will truly be mad of this but it would really of big help if this would truly become available to us.

In the field of education, the innovations of learning should be focused on creating virtual centers for students to learn in virtual reality. Having a disadvantage on this kind of technology since there is no personal interaction between the learners is an exception since learning is the main goal of the technology.

On the health area of our life, there should be a new technology that would help us on our nutrients that we should take. Food technology should be contain the necessary nutrient that we our body should need in order for us to live more.

On the environment side, I truly suggest the previous topic of Abrenica’s group since vertical farming really a technology that would help us. It would ease the jobs of our farmers and as well as the environment is fully protected. There would be enough stocks of goods and because of this the cost of living will truly decrease. And I agree to the previous post that there should be a technology that would help us in our waste disposals. A technology that would extract different waste disposals and the recycling process would next be generated in order for our waste to be lessened.

We tend to develop technologies that are electricity enabled and we should try to develop technology not to be more reliable on the electricity alone. Even when relying on the electricity, the energy to power it should be lessen to conserve more in terms of electricity.

Even as an Information Technology professional, we could make some developments that would really of big help to humans. Even an idea would really be of big help. We could create and achieve what we are planning for if continue on searching for answers on problems and issues on humans. We all are students right now and we are the one who will become the professionals someday that would really of big help to human industry. Even as a student we could also help in creating ideas and improving present technologies that we are using for.

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Big 3 Lift Purefoods to solo 5th

Big 3 Lift Purefoods to solo 5th

Purefoods Chunky Giants had outgun the Air21 express during the 2008-09 KFC PBA Philippine
cup road showcase at the Tacloban Convention Center.

Kerby Raymundo poured in 27 points, James Yap with 26 points and Enrico Villanueva with 23 points
that made them the 3 heroes of the said game. Now, Purefoods move to the 5th spot with a 7-7 win-loss

The scores:

Purefoods 96 – Raymundo 27, Yap J. 26, Villanueva 23, Bugia 6, Robinson 6, Alonzo 4, Belga 2, Alvarez 2, Lanete 0, Salvador 0, Yap R. 0, Aban 0.

Air 21 88 – David 22, Canaleta 13, Santos 12, Arboleda 9, De Ocampo 8, Quinahan 7, Kramer 6, Billones 5, Cruz 4, Intal 2, Sta. Maria 0.

Quarterscores: 19-20, 39-37, 63-67, 96-88

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Future Technology Reflection

Earlier today we had continue our reporting on about future technology. There are lots of discussions being made starting from the topic "Back to the Future". We all had new knowledge on new technology trends from different fields that was shared by Mr. Mark Van. And then the "Wired self" which was a very interesting topics on interconnectedness of different peoples that was shared by Ms. Glayra. And the next topic was the Virtual Community and the synthesizing of humanity which was shared by the group assigned. After that very nice discussion, we and my group mates have discussed about info politics from Information as a commodity,access and ownership,the wired workplace and the virtual democracy thus, I learned that being a leader would be most the most appropriate rather than being a manager. Then the topic about Imagining the futures we can live in was discuss by Ms. Miah and her group mates that becomes so interesting since there are sharing of thoughts and opinions on how will the future look like.

After that kind of discussion, the presentation of past, present and future technologies had started and Mr. Macaraeg and Masecampo had discuss about medical technologies. On the other hand, Marc Van and his group discuss about paper technologies and Ms. Clenemae had discuss about vertical farming as a substitute to the past faming technologies. I hope that they could create a future technology for their topic.

We had a lots of fun and enjoyment on the discussion we had made since we all had the freedom to share different kinds of opinions to classmates and the assigned presenter.

Nice job guys since we had made it to change our attitudes and behavior.

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Future Technology Assignment 1

Enumerate reasons why we use technology today. What are some points that have influenced us? What are the factors involved in technology change.

Reasons why we use technology today.
1. Accessing Information
2. Just for Entertainment
3. To enable us do things lot easier
4. To answer our needs on daily works
5. To lessen our works

Some points that have influenced us.
1. Modernization
2. Society

Factors involved in technology change.
1. Inability of the current technology
2. Competition
3. Innovation

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Good Day to everyone! Sunday really makes me tired since I had to go to school having my ROTC subject for the whole day. But even though, it makes me really proud of myself sacrificing for a Sunday formation just to pass the subject. Thank God that right now I'm having my formation just half day since I we are only obliged to take a single formation for this semester. Then I have chosen to take my formation on the last Sunday formation of this semester. The consequences is that we should encode attendance on the said date that we have chosen and follow every instructions on the officers that we are assigned with.

Yesterday, we had our presentation for the subject Future Technology under the provision of Dr. Randy S. Gamboa and it makes me feel so uneasy right now since Sir Randy had a sermon yesterday on how we behave to school and how we are not so responsible of ourselves on taking the subject so serious. I am very much happy of what happened yesterday since we could change now the attitude and behavior that we are behaving every time we are at school or in the class. Thanks a lot sir for your nutritious sermon.

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I've been waiting for you

I've been waiting for you
By: Guy's next Door

Yeah, Girl

I'm been searching so long
In this world
Trying to find someone
Who could be
What my picture of love was to me
Then you came along

* When I saw you
I knew you were the one
The love that I'd been dreaming of

** 'Cause I've been waiting for you (waiting for you)
All my life
For somebody who (somebody who)
Makes me feel the way I feel
When I'm with you baby
Have you been waiting too
'Cause I've been waiting for you

Oh girl
I've been saving my love
All this time
'Cause I knew someday
I would find
The one that I've loved
For so long in my mind

From the moment
That I looked into your eyes
I saw the girl
I've loved all my life

[Repeat **]

Now that I found you
I just can't let you go
No, no, no, no, no (Ohhhh....)
Oh there's just one thing
I want you to know
Girl I love you so

*** I've been waiting for you
All my life, waiting for you

[Repeat ***]

[Repeat * , **]

[Repeat *** , *** , ***]

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2nd Semester kick-off

Weeee.It's so nice to start the second semester class since we with the "Ban of Brothers" had celebrated Angelo's birthday yesterday. Sherwin, Alfie, Jones, Eker, John, Rendell, Darian, April, Chris, Ronnie, Nate, Nicole, Jade, Ann, James and I went to Angelo's house and celebrated his b'day. We all have fun there singing with Jones Karavision. I hope this kind of event would happen again. Thanks to all of the enjoyment mga belers. It's time to study again and be aware of our subjects.

Good Luck to all of us belers. Keep on rollin!....

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My Research Topic

Cloud computing had develop so fast nowadays that there occurs so many issues from different components involve in the process. Cloud computing includes so many kinds of components like applications, clients, softwares, storage and etc. There involves so many issues like on the service side wherein the reliability and scalibility of use had loosen. And also on the confidentiality of data wherein the trends on privacy risk had increase so fast. And also for the components security of the cloud computing itself. This would be my focus on mystudy about cloud components.

Sad Sad

1. to study the different paradigms of different websites using Cloud Computing
2. to be able to know different security implementations
3. advantages and disadavantages of using Cloud Computing
4. threats that would occurs
5. trends on privacy risks

A new cloud computing paradigms that would solve those different issues. From components to securities! May God Bless me!

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Ban of Brothers Stuffs

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Ban of Brothers

Ban of Brothers t-shirt design...

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As a CS/IT student of USEP, what research topics should usually be address?

As an Information Technology student here in USEP, it would be for relevant and useful to us if we could make a research about topics that are related or interrelated with our course or the Information technology itself. So that we could gain more knowledge about its existence and how we could develop and solve different applications that occur in the fields we are. It could also help us understand what are the importance of such knowledge to us. If we could concentrate on researching on related topics about our course then we could easily relate and we could easily gather informations since it is related to the fields that we are engage now.We could also address topics that are not related to our fields but we could be in more difficulty to find answers for that research since we are not engage on that kind of fields.
Sample Research Topics:
1. Software Engineering
2. Programming Algorithms
3. Robotics
4. Computer Interactions

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What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career?

For me, research topic would be the my guide in determining my future career. Would I be to continue or not. But the more possibility is that it could help me a lot on pursuing my career and becoming more productive into it. Once we could have a research that is related to our fields of interest, then we could determine some of the factors that could affect our career or that could challenge us when we could face a certain situation.A research topic really a helpful tool for every people with different kinds of interest. Thus, we should think more on what should really fit on our interest.

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How do you know if a piece of research work is good or not? how are they evaluated?

Research would be of good if it benefits us or gives a knowledge for a certain interest for the people. But since Research means that we are finding a certain knowledge for a certain topic that have interest of. Then I could conclude that a research would be good if it has a significance and its objective is for the social and personal knowledge. There are many kinds of criteria in evaluating a certain research. Just like the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, their criteria are worthwhileness, competence, openness, coherence, credibility and also its ethical factors. If it fits with these criteria then they evaluate it as a good research.

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Identify and discuss key factors for publishing research in top-tier journals like CSP, ACM, i3E, etc.

All kinds of researchers are given the freedom to publish their works in well-known top-tier journals. But there are many factors to be considered to be approved by such. Example of this is the ACM that does an evaluation on the papers by the editor in chief and potential authors before a paper is being published. They consider the originality, correctness, novelty, importance, and clarity of exposition of a given research paper before it is being published on the web. Some publishers would include also the uniqueness of a geven article that it was not being published in other websites.

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Windows XP Officially Retired By Microsoft

According to Paul McDougall in the informationweek.com Microsoft will no longer make Windows XP available to large computer makers such as Dell, Lenovo, or Hewlett-Packard, or to software retailers after June 30 but it will continue its offer to small independent pc makers until July of the next year. But they would also gain continued access to XP for an indefinite period if they would try to models of vista based computers.

Some of the reasons is that there are less Vista users than XP users today since Vista craves more for compatible pc.

According to Paul, Microsoft said that Windows XP would be available to ultra-low-cost pc's and laptops such as the asus until 2010.

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Methods of Research Assignment 2

Find any information/article and examine the state of computer science research and what are its variety of technical topics?
According to what I have found in the Internet, the Brown University had crosses its bounderies. Different kinds of groups had engage in researching. From students to faculties and along with the different University Departments. On the students group formed by Graduates and Undergraduates and even alumnus are engage. On the other hand, the faculties are compose of Post-Docs and Committees. And they all engage in different research areas thus the performance of researches is well-developed. This kind of approach to Computer Science Research would really work well since different aspects would be traced by different disciplines. On the funds side, the researchers are garnered their own labs separating from the University for themselves to work well. On the academic side of their researchers, they have achieved many kinds of awards from diffferent fields just like IEEE Technical Achievement award and ACM Gödel Prize. And they have 3 ACM fellows thus this could really help their research more strong and relevent. The Brown University is engage in the ff. areas of research:
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Combinatorial Optimization
3. Computational Anatomy
4. Computational Biology
5. Computational Geometry
6. Computational Neuroscience
7. Computer Graphics
8. Computer Vision
9. Cryptography
10. Database Systems
11. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
12. Educational Technology
13. Intelligent Agents
14. Machine Learning
15. Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
16. Nanocomputing
17. Natural Language Processing
18. Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
19. Parallel Computing
20. Programming Languages
21. Robotics
22. Scientific Visualization and Modeling
23. Security
24. Software Engineering
25. Theory of Computation
26. User Interfaces and Virtual Reality
27. Verification and Reliable Systems

For me, the Brown University have really work well in CS researches. Different kinds of Development have challeged them to engage more in research. This kind of approach made them more thirsty in their seek for informations and ideas. We all know that different kinds of transformations have gone in different kinds of aspects of our lives thus research could really help in solving for answers.

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Methods of Research Assignment 1

Read three published scientific papers (of varying quality) and write a short report for each of them.


Hackers and Crackers, how do they differ? We all know that Hackers only accesses a system ignoring privacies and confidentialities , thus leaving it the way they found it. While Crackers uses their skills to damage and accessing the system for personal gain. But even though they differs, you don't enjoy the privacy and confidentialities of your data.

We should have be more ready on incoming security threats. Being secured is the best way of hiding your informations. We should all know different kinds of security measures to protect our privacy.
Here are the ultimate security measures introduce by Sandra Prior. The first is, Hackers and Crackers are middleman. They act as the man between you and your transactions to get informations about you to enter your accounts. Second is that in social engineering, hackers accessing systems by asking login names and passwords to users. If I were you, we should not hand out our account details to anyone. The third one is that we should be more selective in downloading a piece of software from unfamiliar sites. Sometimes, trojans are installed on softwares enabling your account details send on software authors. The fourth is that we should not leave our laptops and pc's unattended enabling the public to read our data. The next is, most hackers uses network sniffers in analyzing network traffics for your informations to be trapped down thus we should avoid this kind of event. Next is that we should avoid public to see entering your account details (shoulder surfing). Next is we should apply strict implementation of asking passwords before entering your network disabling trespassing. Then we should imposed a log in failed count to block users for failed logging in further attempts. Lastly is that we must use encryption to secure our informations in ourselves.



Two factors authentication played a big role in the ever changing world of online network technologies. This becomes the best type of security for companies, their customers and employees.
This kind of security really helps a lot on companies to help reduce its costs across the board, consolidating of servers and applications must be involve. When this kind of activity being executed properly, it turns a big amount of productivity and reliability and the business owners saves a lot of money.

Many kinds of companies have spoken of different advantages of the use of this kind of approach. This type of security ensures that their customers and employees would receive the maximum protection against theft and malice. If I were to invest, then I would choose on a fully secured network.
Protecting and automating a network are two of the most important things to consider for the business to stay old and grow fast. Taking this type of approach would give a certain company an advantage and outperforming those who does not take this as a factor.

Reference: http://www.articlesfactory.com/author/Scott%20Jarvis/page1.html


Creating database backups enables data security in different kinds of organization. This really helps a lot in companies and plays an important role in database management system.

Using all-in one backup solution could really helps a lot. It really helps especially when you are using more that one database management system in your company. Using the ODBC driver allows you to backup your database which is connected to local computers or over a network. You can specify criteria on creating backups such as full, differential or incremental, or even the backup time schedule could be set.
It also solves the issue of stopping the database management system when creating backups in different databases thus minimizing time and money. Even if your not an administrator, you can also backup your database tables which is more useful to employees. Lastly, it provides a wide range of tool in making backups. Even remote database management system could be backup through the use of ODBC protocols. This really helps a lot for us who wants to utilize time and money.

Reference: http://www.articlesfactory.com/author/Alexander%20Golishev.html

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Who am I?

My name is Richard Mark Tolentino Daliba. I'm 20 years of age and a 5th year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(BSIT) student. My friends who played with me in Defense Of The Ancient(DOTA) call me “sards” for short. I enjoy listening to musics and watching PBA and NBA highlights. I also enjoy on creating websites and updating blogs. I was once an online gamer of MU Philippines and Tales of Pirates. My favorite instructor in programming is Maam Maureen Mamilic since she was the one who taught me how to program. I really admire her in the field of programming. “Hawd kaau c Maam”. I loved to code my programs in (C/C++, Java, PHP/MySql, Visual FoxPro/Basic). I enjoy creating programs since I've learned many kinds of algorithms with my fellow programmers that also creating programs. And I can say that “Makakwarta sad q sa aq mga programs”. I am from the city of Generals and its because of my aunt that I am here in Davao studying since she want me to take my studies here.

For almost five years of studying here in University of Southeastern Philippines, I enjoy a lot of surprises and lots of funs. But for all of that smiles and enjoyment, I also encountered many kinds of sufferings in different kinds of subject. But even though, I have learned a lot that I am very proud of myself now. For me, becoming an IT student here in USEP is a challenge for me to face since there are so many terror instructors. I thought it was so easy to graduate in IT course here in USEP. That kind of insight change when I got a failing grades in my programming subject. Because of that particular event that happened into my life, I've changed my thoughts about Institute of Computing.”Lisud jud di sa IC. Hasol Keu..hhehe”. My challenge to the freshmen student is that they should never surrender even though they could get a failing grades. “Habang may buhay may pag-asa”. I failures we could get the reasons to strive and gain the success. Becoming a survivor as a BSIT student in USEP makes me feel proud of myself thus I am very much contented of my course that I take. I am proud it is because I am the only survivors of the batch 2004 BSIT-1B evening student. Some of my classmates shift on other courses and others are on different schools right now. I have learned a lot of things in taking up IT career. I never put into my mind to shift on different courses. I can't visualize myself on other colleges.

I have different kinds of plans when the time comes that I would step out of the University with flying colors. I want to practice my skills in programming thus it makes me feel so challenging when I am creating a certain program. I hope I could find a job after I finish my course here in USEP.

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Always be my Baby

(do do do dop)

(do do doop do doop da dum)

(do do doop dum)

(do do doop do doop da dum)


we were as one babe

for a moment in time

and it seemed everlasting

that you would always be mine

now you want to be free

so I'm letting you fly

cause i know in my heart babe

our love will never die,no!

you'll always be a part of me

i'm a part of you indefinitely

boy don't you know you can't escape me

ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

and we'll linger on

time can't erase a feeling this strong

no way you're never gonna shake me

ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

(do do doop)

(do do doop do doop da dum)

(do do doop dum)

(do do doop do doop da dum)

i ain't gonna cry no

and i won't beg you to stay

if you're determined to leave boy

i will not stand in your way

but inevitably you'll be back again

cause ya know in your heart babe

our love will never end no

you'll always be a part of me

i'm part of you indefinitely

boy don't you know you can't escape me

ooh darling cause you'll always be my baby

and we'll linger on

time can't erase a feeling this strong

no way you're never gonna shake me

ooh darlin cause you'll always be my baby

i know that you'll be back boy

when your days and your nights get a little bit colder ooohhh

i know that,you'll be right back, baby

oh, baby believe me it's only a matter of time

of time

you'll always be a part of me (oooohhhh)

i'm part of you indefinitely (oooohhhh)

boy don't you know you can't escape me (ooooohhhhhh)

ooh darlin cause you'll always be my baby

and we'll linger on (and we will linger on)

time cant erase a feeling this strong (ohhhh)

no way you're never gonna shake me (oh baby)

ooh darlin cause you'll always be my baby

you'll always be a part of me (yeah yeah oooohhhh)

i'm part of you indefinitely (oooohhhh)

boy don't you know you can't escape me (ooooohhhhhh)

ooh darlin cause you'll always be my baby (no no)

and we'll linger on (you and I will always be)

time cant erase a feeling this strong

no way you're never gonna shake me (you & I)

ooh darlin cause you'll always be my baby (you & I)

(do do doop)

(do do doop do doop da dum)

(do do doop dum)

(do do doop do doop da dum)

you and i will always be

no way your never gonna shake me

no way your never gonna shake me

you and i will always be

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Boston leads the Series 3-1

Celtics 97, Lakers 91(F)

Paul Pierce scored 20 points as the Celtics pushed their series lead to 3-1 with a 97-91 win over the Lakers in Game 4.

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Bryant Leads Lakers to Game 3 Win

L.A. Lakers 87, Boston 81 (F)

Bryant scored 36 points with an MVP-worthy performance that beats the Boston Celtics 87-81 in Game 3 on Tuesday night.

Game 4 is Thursday night at the Staples Center, where the Lakers are 9-0 in the playoffs and unbeaten in 15 games since March 28.

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PBA Fiesta Conference

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Its time to Enroll

Its time to enroll.Weeeeee. OJT is up and its time to concentrate on studies now. Time for the enrollment and its time to make myself ready for the incoming semester. I hope this sem would be a great start........

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Simon shines as Giants get back at Phil Cup tormentors
Monday, 26 May 2008

'08 All-Star Game MVP Simon leads Giants to its 1st back-to-back wins in conference
Purefoods pulled off some measure of revenge versus Philippine Cup finals tormentor Sta. Lucia in their first meeting in the import-laced tourney.
The Giants finished strong in the third quarter and sustained their romp in the final period to rip the Realtors, 82-74, and hit the .500 mark in the 2008 Smart PBA Fiesta Conference at the Cuneta Astrodome Sunday night.
James Yap starred in their third-quarter onslaught then Peter June Simon took over in the fourth, leading the Giants to victory in what had earlier been a defensive battle.
"We're pretty much on the rise because of our newfound weapon – defense," said Purefoods coach Ryan Gregorio moments after they nailed their fifth win in 10 outings.
"We've made progress from a struggling team into a middle team because of defense. We have an import comfortable playing off the ball and the locals are responding tremendously with him," Gregorio added.
Against the Realtors, Gregorio said the key was completely taking away the game of Sta. Lucia import Wesley Wilson.
Simon and Yap combined for 43 points, Reda Rhalimi logged 19 points, 15 rebounds and three blocks, and the whole Purefoods team put up an efficient defense limiting Wilson to 10 points and five rebounds.
Sta. Lucia coach Boyet Fernandez just couldn't squeeze out anything from Wilson in the fourth quarter that he gambled on his locals entering the homestretch.
After falling behind by 12, 64-76, the best the Realtors could get was at 72-80.
It was a sorry loss for the Realtors who took the half at 37-35 and seized control midway in the third period with a nine-point lead.
Yap and Rhalimi stopped the Realtors on their tracks, joining forces as Purefoods staged a counter-attack to grab the upperhand at 56-55.
The Realtors regained the lead, 60-59, at the end of the third before Simon took over the game at the start of the final canto.
Simon, the MVP in the recent All-Star game, rattled in six straight points to start the final quarter and there was no stopping the Giants from there.
The Giants shot 42.1 percent from the field while holding the Realtors to a 34.1-percent shooting.
Purefoods also did much better in rebounding with Rhalimi and Jondan Salvador combining for 30 of the team's 61 caroms as against Sta. Lucia's 38. (NC)
The scores:
Purefoods 82 -- Simon 22, Yap 21, Rhalimi 15, Salvador 10, Raymundo 6, Villanueva 4, Yap R. 4, Lanete 0, Yee 0.
Sta. Lucia 74 -- Williams 22, Espino 15, Wilson 10, Reyes 8, Yeo 7, Miranda 4, Omolon 4, Coronel 2, Mendoza 2, Daa 0, Aquino 0, Gonzales 0.
Quarterscores: 18-14, 35-37, 59-60, 82-74

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It is finish!

Wooooh. I am happy to finish rendering my OJT at MTC Academy. I am very proud of myself and eventhough I'm done with the time I should spent for the OJT, I am very much okey to work till the end of the month. I am very much thankful for the opportunities that I have encountered. Will I'm done with the OJT but its time to concentrate to studies.

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3 MTCAINVSYS 1.0 Themes

Cool, Classic and Default Themes of MTCAINVSYS 1.0

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MTCAINVSYS 1.0 Transactions

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Busy Saturday!

I wake up early in the morning to go to MTC Academy early to help prepare for the Saturday Garage sale. I been so busy working. I am in-charge in selling softdrinks and updating the inventory for the stocks. Weew. so tired of working alone. But Its fun and I also enjoy dealing with it. Today, MTC Academy will have its MT graduation and I hope that this would be fun and I hope we could enjoy also in this kind of event.

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After all this time!

After all this time I have a 2 days rest before having a duty again at the MTC Academy. Woohh.. Its so nice to rest and enjoy more things rather than thinking on many kinds of answers how to solve and work on my Inventory system. Thank God He gave me more time to rest.

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It's resting time!

I am glad now that my on the job training will soon to be over. I am very much tired of going to work for almost 6 days a week and 10 hours a day. But I am also thankful since I do have more experiences in work now. I learned so many kinds of things and I also enjoy it because I and my fellow OJT'ers are encouraged to speak english. And because of this I practised my proficiency in english language. This really help me big in search for job in the future. Now I am continuing to work with the Job that was assign to me so that I finish my OJT with a big smile on my heart. Weeeww. They are proud of me....Haha.

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8's OJT time

Maxadong mahirap talagang makapaghanap ng tatanggap sayo bilang isang OJT trainee buti nlng marami kaming inaplayan and i am so glad that there are companies who needed our skills and talents.Wooh, so nice and i hope we could cooperate well and enjoy our working experience. I am very happy on our situation right now having a real experience in work. Well done guys and good luck to each and everyone of us.

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