Good Day to everyone! Sunday really makes me tired since I had to go to school having my ROTC subject for the whole day. But even though, it makes me really proud of myself sacrificing for a Sunday formation just to pass the subject. Thank God that right now I'm having my formation just half day since I we are only obliged to take a single formation for this semester. Then I have chosen to take my formation on the last Sunday formation of this semester. The consequences is that we should encode attendance on the said date that we have chosen and follow every instructions on the officers that we are assigned with.

Yesterday, we had our presentation for the subject Future Technology under the provision of Dr. Randy S. Gamboa and it makes me feel so uneasy right now since Sir Randy had a sermon yesterday on how we behave to school and how we are not so responsible of ourselves on taking the subject so serious. I am very much happy of what happened yesterday since we could change now the attitude and behavior that we are behaving every time we are at school or in the class. Thanks a lot sir for your nutritious sermon.

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