As a CS/IT student of USEP, what research topics should usually be address?

As an Information Technology student here in USEP, it would be for relevant and useful to us if we could make a research about topics that are related or interrelated with our course or the Information technology itself. So that we could gain more knowledge about its existence and how we could develop and solve different applications that occur in the fields we are. It could also help us understand what are the importance of such knowledge to us. If we could concentrate on researching on related topics about our course then we could easily relate and we could easily gather informations since it is related to the fields that we are engage now.We could also address topics that are not related to our fields but we could be in more difficulty to find answers for that research since we are not engage on that kind of fields.
Sample Research Topics:
1. Software Engineering
2. Programming Algorithms
3. Robotics
4. Computer Interactions

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What do you think is the role of research topic in deciding your future career?

For me, research topic would be the my guide in determining my future career. Would I be to continue or not. But the more possibility is that it could help me a lot on pursuing my career and becoming more productive into it. Once we could have a research that is related to our fields of interest, then we could determine some of the factors that could affect our career or that could challenge us when we could face a certain situation.A research topic really a helpful tool for every people with different kinds of interest. Thus, we should think more on what should really fit on our interest.

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How do you know if a piece of research work is good or not? how are they evaluated?

Research would be of good if it benefits us or gives a knowledge for a certain interest for the people. But since Research means that we are finding a certain knowledge for a certain topic that have interest of. Then I could conclude that a research would be good if it has a significance and its objective is for the social and personal knowledge. There are many kinds of criteria in evaluating a certain research. Just like the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, their criteria are worthwhileness, competence, openness, coherence, credibility and also its ethical factors. If it fits with these criteria then they evaluate it as a good research.

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Identify and discuss key factors for publishing research in top-tier journals like CSP, ACM, i3E, etc.

All kinds of researchers are given the freedom to publish their works in well-known top-tier journals. But there are many factors to be considered to be approved by such. Example of this is the ACM that does an evaluation on the papers by the editor in chief and potential authors before a paper is being published. They consider the originality, correctness, novelty, importance, and clarity of exposition of a given research paper before it is being published on the web. Some publishers would include also the uniqueness of a geven article that it was not being published in other websites.

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Windows XP Officially Retired By Microsoft

According to Paul McDougall in the Microsoft will no longer make Windows XP available to large computer makers such as Dell, Lenovo, or Hewlett-Packard, or to software retailers after June 30 but it will continue its offer to small independent pc makers until July of the next year. But they would also gain continued access to XP for an indefinite period if they would try to models of vista based computers.

Some of the reasons is that there are less Vista users than XP users today since Vista craves more for compatible pc.

According to Paul, Microsoft said that Windows XP would be available to ultra-low-cost pc's and laptops such as the asus until 2010.

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