Methods of Research Assignment 1

Read three published scientific papers (of varying quality) and write a short report for each of them.


Hackers and Crackers, how do they differ? We all know that Hackers only accesses a system ignoring privacies and confidentialities , thus leaving it the way they found it. While Crackers uses their skills to damage and accessing the system for personal gain. But even though they differs, you don't enjoy the privacy and confidentialities of your data.

We should have be more ready on incoming security threats. Being secured is the best way of hiding your informations. We should all know different kinds of security measures to protect our privacy.
Here are the ultimate security measures introduce by Sandra Prior. The first is, Hackers and Crackers are middleman. They act as the man between you and your transactions to get informations about you to enter your accounts. Second is that in social engineering, hackers accessing systems by asking login names and passwords to users. If I were you, we should not hand out our account details to anyone. The third one is that we should be more selective in downloading a piece of software from unfamiliar sites. Sometimes, trojans are installed on softwares enabling your account details send on software authors. The fourth is that we should not leave our laptops and pc's unattended enabling the public to read our data. The next is, most hackers uses network sniffers in analyzing network traffics for your informations to be trapped down thus we should avoid this kind of event. Next is that we should avoid public to see entering your account details (shoulder surfing). Next is we should apply strict implementation of asking passwords before entering your network disabling trespassing. Then we should imposed a log in failed count to block users for failed logging in further attempts. Lastly is that we must use encryption to secure our informations in ourselves.



Two factors authentication played a big role in the ever changing world of online network technologies. This becomes the best type of security for companies, their customers and employees.
This kind of security really helps a lot on companies to help reduce its costs across the board, consolidating of servers and applications must be involve. When this kind of activity being executed properly, it turns a big amount of productivity and reliability and the business owners saves a lot of money.

Many kinds of companies have spoken of different advantages of the use of this kind of approach. This type of security ensures that their customers and employees would receive the maximum protection against theft and malice. If I were to invest, then I would choose on a fully secured network.
Protecting and automating a network are two of the most important things to consider for the business to stay old and grow fast. Taking this type of approach would give a certain company an advantage and outperforming those who does not take this as a factor.



Creating database backups enables data security in different kinds of organization. This really helps a lot in companies and plays an important role in database management system.

Using all-in one backup solution could really helps a lot. It really helps especially when you are using more that one database management system in your company. Using the ODBC driver allows you to backup your database which is connected to local computers or over a network. You can specify criteria on creating backups such as full, differential or incremental, or even the backup time schedule could be set.
It also solves the issue of stopping the database management system when creating backups in different databases thus minimizing time and money. Even if your not an administrator, you can also backup your database tables which is more useful to employees. Lastly, it provides a wide range of tool in making backups. Even remote database management system could be backup through the use of ODBC protocols. This really helps a lot for us who wants to utilize time and money.


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