Me as an Information Technology professional

Life is indeed so beautiful that through living we could enjoy and achieve all our dreams. Many people just enjoy life as it is. They don’t seen to realize how special we are having the things we have and enjoying the happiness of living because we are living in a world full of things and stuffs. The innovation had seems to come to a point of increase. We tend to create stuffs and gadgets to compromise those works on a snap of an eye. The development of technologies is now increasing that we could only realize its existence when we are using it. Different kinds of technologies evolved that we could not even realize how useful it is in our daily activities. Really man had made his way of living through innovations. We tend to develop and innovate something new for the purpose of ourselves and others, thus giving us the opportunity to work with ease on our jobs today. From the past centuries, man is in the age of what we call Industrial age, thus having to manually work on his jobs. No computers that could automatically calculates computations. Helps us on storing files and databases, create software that would ease the jobs from storing, encoding, printing and as well as a tool for sending e-mails. Accessing websites and even communication through the chat technology is also its main help. Truly the way of storing files was through folders and sorting them on cabinets for ease access. There were so many jobs that are manually done and the time to finish is so very big that is ten times slower of compared to today’s technology.

No cellular phones that would help us in communicating with each other. Also helps us on calculations and even on creating notes. The way of communication through different places is by means of mails that were sent by the postman. That there comes a time that we could not eventually receive those mails and the time it takes is very much long.

The way of transportation at that time was also an issue since today we now have planes and railway transits that are use for fast transportation. Before the cars are not meant for public vehicles and horses and wagons are mainly used for transportation.

Today, as a well-modernized world, we are engage in an instant way of living making things so easy and at a full speed. We now have computers and internet on pair. We could easily surf on internet for news on different fields like sports, entertainment, educations and etc. We also have access to web files n an instant. Automations and calculations are easily done. We also engage in different communities enabling us to work hand on hand, share and even an easy way communication with each other was being made through networks. Computers and the internet really made a benchmark on our daily living. It makes us more productive and the nature of the work was made easier. There are so many of our software right now that are very much helpful in our jobs. Financial, banking and inventory are among the well known systems that are very much of use right now. The existence of cloud computing is also an example that truly computers and internet is engage with. Through the cloud computing, services on software were easily distributed to different cloud clients and even to internet users. This deployment was very much useful to us and now become part of our life since we are engage on computers and the internet.

The world of medicine right now are engaged on curing many kinds of illnesses and disease, thus is it good if to continue living is the main goal of ourselves. We have discovered many technologies that help us treating patients with different kinds of sickness. But on the filed of cancers, we have the inability to cure it when the stage is on the highest stage. We al know that many people had died due to cancer. And we forbid since we are unable to cure them due to the inability of our technologies. And on the field of AIDS, the inability to cure was also the reasons why there are so many people right now are dying. There were the issues that should be address in the field of the medical technologies.

Since we are engage in the world of technology, we don’t even realize the existence of electricity that serves as the main source of energy for technology to work. We use electricity for our lights like bulbs and fluorescents. We use electricity on computers, televisions, fans, rice cookers and even charging our batteries on cellular phones. Without the electricity, there maybe a world of darkness since most of all the people in the world uses electricity to power houses and establishments. Electricity really is an important entity on our lives since we are engage in the electric powered technologies. What if there would come a time that we could not produce electricity anymore? How could we handle this kind of events? Technologies today are powered by electricity, thus the loss of electricity will be the uselessness of our technologies. The past will tend to go back on how we handle our jobs having those jobs without technologies involve.

We are engage on technology innovations and not realizing how our environment is now getting so polluted. We don’t even think of how to conserve our forest and nature. Really a big part of our lives is the nature. Today, global warming had increased due to damage on our atmosphere. Ultra violet rays tend to create illnesses that could even kill us. If we want to live more then we should continue to conserve our forest and the nature itself. Then discovering and innovating technologies following the laws of the environment.

In order for us to live, we eat and drink water. But us technology innovations has further arise, many of our food technologies are now less nutritious compared to the early food we eat ad that there are many kinds of beverages are now also give us some nutrient that our body should not of need. And in order for us to live longer, food and beverages should be deal with.

Information Technology Professionals are term to those people who are engage in Information Technologies and have enough knowledge in hardware and software technologies. Nowadays there comes a time of different innovations on different areas of technology. Because of this, the world today have engage in vast developments of information technologies and the IT Professionals are one of the main factors involve in this kind of transformation.

If I were to become an Information Technology Professional, I would suggest innovations that are very useful to our daily walks in life. Those innovation that are very useful to our works, transportation, companies and even in our personal activities. We all know that today, even we are using different technologies in offices we could still prove that the there are also some jobs that technologies does not exist. Office works right now should be done involving technologies to make sure of the output that you want to obtain. Engaging technologies in our office works really make our jobs done so ease and really a big matter. Using technologies to the work but not on the sense that man could not be called as a useless person that only does nothing.

On the field of transportation, I would like to contribute on the implementation of the water powered vehicles that would really help us on transportation. Really one of the major problems today is how we transport and the cost of transportation. Many years have pass and the increase on fare have truly increased. Even there are decreased that happen, we could conclude that the cost of transportation today really increased. Many students and public workers today are really mad with the increase of transportation. Even other countries are engage with this kind of issue since the production of oil was really the main problem. We could say that the fare would be lessened and the pollution would surely be decreased.

In the field of medical technologies, I would suggest those medicines that could help cancer patients in curing. Many people had died because of cancers. I agree to the previous presenters of the future technologies idea of creating nanobots that would be injected on humans and that would help humans in curing their cancer illnesses. It would eliminate those cancer cells and transforming if t normal cells to continue humans to live more. A technology that would lead to the cure of HIV should me deal with. There should be a technology that would help humans against HIV viruses. A gadget that would easily eliminate HIV viruses when injected to humans or even a pill that should be take to cure it. If this would happen, the way of living would truly be treasured since medications are all answered. Means of living was truly changed due to cancer illnesses and HIV viruses. If we could work on this, the growth of human would really increase. Millions have died due to cancer and millions also are dying because of cancer. If I could contribute to the development of this kind of technology, then I would really be of help as an Information Technology professional. Many kinds of studies have evolved right now and the discovery is really far from the implementations. I hope that this kind of innovations really of big help to humans specially those with cancer illness.

In the field of communication, I would suggest to have technologies that enabled us to communicate with each other with the help of a cellular phones but having the no cost on sending text messages and even phone calls. With this kind of technology, our communication process would really be of ease. I agree that the communication industry will truly be mad of this but it would really of big help if this would truly become available to us.

In the field of education, the innovations of learning should be focused on creating virtual centers for students to learn in virtual reality. Having a disadvantage on this kind of technology since there is no personal interaction between the learners is an exception since learning is the main goal of the technology.

On the health area of our life, there should be a new technology that would help us on our nutrients that we should take. Food technology should be contain the necessary nutrient that we our body should need in order for us to live more.

On the environment side, I truly suggest the previous topic of Abrenica’s group since vertical farming really a technology that would help us. It would ease the jobs of our farmers and as well as the environment is fully protected. There would be enough stocks of goods and because of this the cost of living will truly decrease. And I agree to the previous post that there should be a technology that would help us in our waste disposals. A technology that would extract different waste disposals and the recycling process would next be generated in order for our waste to be lessened.

We tend to develop technologies that are electricity enabled and we should try to develop technology not to be more reliable on the electricity alone. Even when relying on the electricity, the energy to power it should be lessen to conserve more in terms of electricity.

Even as an Information Technology professional, we could make some developments that would really of big help to humans. Even an idea would really be of big help. We could create and achieve what we are planning for if continue on searching for answers on problems and issues on humans. We all are students right now and we are the one who will become the professionals someday that would really of big help to human industry. Even as a student we could also help in creating ideas and improving present technologies that we are using for.

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  • You're an optimistic person and intelligent in the course you are seeking. I know you can make it all. An individual who is concern on the people around him/her will succeed in his/her goal in life.

  • with your skills and knowledge in this field, it is already clear what's ahead of you if you just strive and work hard