British girl's heart heals itself after transplant

By MARIA CHENG, AP Medical Writer Maria Cheng, Ap Medical Writer Tue Jul 14, 12:40 am ET

British doctors designed a solution a save a girls major heart problem on the year 1995. They implanted a donor heart onto her own failing heart. After 10 years of having two hearts pumping for Hannah Clarks to live, she majorly healed itself enough for the doctors to have the reason to remove her donated heart and have his own heart properly working for her. She would only have to pay for the drugs she is taking when she is at that kind of state.

"It reminds us that not all heart failure is lethal," said Dr. Ileana Pina, a heart failure expert at Case Western Reserve University and spokeswoman for the American Heart Association. "Some heart failure patients have a greater chance of recovery than we thought."

It also encourages all the people having heart failures. They have a chance now to live more and also for doctors that practicing on this kind of field.

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