Future Technology Reflection

Earlier today we had continue our reporting on about future technology. There are lots of discussions being made starting from the topic "Back to the Future". We all had new knowledge on new technology trends from different fields that was shared by Mr. Mark Van. And then the "Wired self" which was a very interesting topics on interconnectedness of different peoples that was shared by Ms. Glayra. And the next topic was the Virtual Community and the synthesizing of humanity which was shared by the group assigned. After that very nice discussion, we and my group mates have discussed about info politics from Information as a commodity,access and ownership,the wired workplace and the virtual democracy thus, I learned that being a leader would be most the most appropriate rather than being a manager. Then the topic about Imagining the futures we can live in was discuss by Ms. Miah and her group mates that becomes so interesting since there are sharing of thoughts and opinions on how will the future look like.

After that kind of discussion, the presentation of past, present and future technologies had started and Mr. Macaraeg and Masecampo had discuss about medical technologies. On the other hand, Marc Van and his group discuss about paper technologies and Ms. Clenemae had discuss about vertical farming as a substitute to the past faming technologies. I hope that they could create a future technology for their topic.

We had a lots of fun and enjoyment on the discussion we had made since we all had the freedom to share different kinds of opinions to classmates and the assigned presenter.

Nice job guys since we had made it to change our attitudes and behavior.

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Future Technology Assignment 1

Enumerate reasons why we use technology today. What are some points that have influenced us? What are the factors involved in technology change.

Reasons why we use technology today.
1. Accessing Information
2. Just for Entertainment
3. To enable us do things lot easier
4. To answer our needs on daily works
5. To lessen our works

Some points that have influenced us.
1. Modernization
2. Society

Factors involved in technology change.
1. Inability of the current technology
2. Competition
3. Innovation

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Good Day to everyone! Sunday really makes me tired since I had to go to school having my ROTC subject for the whole day. But even though, it makes me really proud of myself sacrificing for a Sunday formation just to pass the subject. Thank God that right now I'm having my formation just half day since I we are only obliged to take a single formation for this semester. Then I have chosen to take my formation on the last Sunday formation of this semester. The consequences is that we should encode attendance on the said date that we have chosen and follow every instructions on the officers that we are assigned with.

Yesterday, we had our presentation for the subject Future Technology under the provision of Dr. Randy S. Gamboa and it makes me feel so uneasy right now since Sir Randy had a sermon yesterday on how we behave to school and how we are not so responsible of ourselves on taking the subject so serious. I am very much happy of what happened yesterday since we could change now the attitude and behavior that we are behaving every time we are at school or in the class. Thanks a lot sir for your nutritious sermon.

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I've been waiting for you

I've been waiting for you
By: Guy's next Door

Yeah, Girl

I'm been searching so long
In this world
Trying to find someone
Who could be
What my picture of love was to me
Then you came along

* When I saw you
I knew you were the one
The love that I'd been dreaming of

** 'Cause I've been waiting for you (waiting for you)
All my life
For somebody who (somebody who)
Makes me feel the way I feel
When I'm with you baby
Have you been waiting too
'Cause I've been waiting for you

Oh girl
I've been saving my love
All this time
'Cause I knew someday
I would find
The one that I've loved
For so long in my mind

From the moment
That I looked into your eyes
I saw the girl
I've loved all my life

[Repeat **]

Now that I found you
I just can't let you go
No, no, no, no, no (Ohhhh....)
Oh there's just one thing
I want you to know
Girl I love you so

*** I've been waiting for you
All my life, waiting for you

[Repeat ***]

[Repeat * , **]

[Repeat *** , *** , ***]

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2nd Semester kick-off

Weeee.It's so nice to start the second semester class since we with the "Ban of Brothers" had celebrated Angelo's birthday yesterday. Sherwin, Alfie, Jones, Eker, John, Rendell, Darian, April, Chris, Ronnie, Nate, Nicole, Jade, Ann, James and I went to Angelo's house and celebrated his b'day. We all have fun there singing with Jones Karavision. I hope this kind of event would happen again. Thanks to all of the enjoyment mga belers. It's time to study again and be aware of our subjects.

Good Luck to all of us belers. Keep on rollin!....

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