Who am I?

My name is Richard Mark Tolentino Daliba. I'm 20 years of age and a 5th year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology(BSIT) student. My friends who played with me in Defense Of The Ancient(DOTA) call me “sards” for short. I enjoy listening to musics and watching PBA and NBA highlights. I also enjoy on creating websites and updating blogs. I was once an online gamer of MU Philippines and Tales of Pirates. My favorite instructor in programming is Maam Maureen Mamilic since she was the one who taught me how to program. I really admire her in the field of programming. “Hawd kaau c Maam”. I loved to code my programs in (C/C++, Java, PHP/MySql, Visual FoxPro/Basic). I enjoy creating programs since I've learned many kinds of algorithms with my fellow programmers that also creating programs. And I can say that “Makakwarta sad q sa aq mga programs”. I am from the city of Generals and its because of my aunt that I am here in Davao studying since she want me to take my studies here.

For almost five years of studying here in University of Southeastern Philippines, I enjoy a lot of surprises and lots of funs. But for all of that smiles and enjoyment, I also encountered many kinds of sufferings in different kinds of subject. But even though, I have learned a lot that I am very proud of myself now. For me, becoming an IT student here in USEP is a challenge for me to face since there are so many terror instructors. I thought it was so easy to graduate in IT course here in USEP. That kind of insight change when I got a failing grades in my programming subject. Because of that particular event that happened into my life, I've changed my thoughts about Institute of Computing.”Lisud jud di sa IC. Hasol Keu..hhehe”. My challenge to the freshmen student is that they should never surrender even though they could get a failing grades. “Habang may buhay may pag-asa”. I failures we could get the reasons to strive and gain the success. Becoming a survivor as a BSIT student in USEP makes me feel proud of myself thus I am very much contented of my course that I take. I am proud it is because I am the only survivors of the batch 2004 BSIT-1B evening student. Some of my classmates shift on other courses and others are on different schools right now. I have learned a lot of things in taking up IT career. I never put into my mind to shift on different courses. I can't visualize myself on other colleges.

I have different kinds of plans when the time comes that I would step out of the University with flying colors. I want to practice my skills in programming thus it makes me feel so challenging when I am creating a certain program. I hope I could find a job after I finish my course here in USEP.

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