Methods of Research Assignment 2

Find any information/article and examine the state of computer science research and what are its variety of technical topics?
According to what I have found in the Internet, the Brown University had crosses its bounderies. Different kinds of groups had engage in researching. From students to faculties and along with the different University Departments. On the students group formed by Graduates and Undergraduates and even alumnus are engage. On the other hand, the faculties are compose of Post-Docs and Committees. And they all engage in different research areas thus the performance of researches is well-developed. This kind of approach to Computer Science Research would really work well since different aspects would be traced by different disciplines. On the funds side, the researchers are garnered their own labs separating from the University for themselves to work well. On the academic side of their researchers, they have achieved many kinds of awards from diffferent fields just like IEEE Technical Achievement award and ACM Gödel Prize. And they have 3 ACM fellows thus this could really help their research more strong and relevent. The Brown University is engage in the ff. areas of research:
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Combinatorial Optimization
3. Computational Anatomy
4. Computational Biology
5. Computational Geometry
6. Computational Neuroscience
7. Computer Graphics
8. Computer Vision
9. Cryptography
10. Database Systems
11. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
12. Educational Technology
13. Intelligent Agents
14. Machine Learning
15. Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
16. Nanocomputing
17. Natural Language Processing
18. Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
19. Parallel Computing
20. Programming Languages
21. Robotics
22. Scientific Visualization and Modeling
23. Security
24. Software Engineering
25. Theory of Computation
26. User Interfaces and Virtual Reality
27. Verification and Reliable Systems

For me, the Brown University have really work well in CS researches. Different kinds of Development have challeged them to engage more in research. This kind of approach made them more thirsty in their seek for informations and ideas. We all know that different kinds of transformations have gone in different kinds of aspects of our lives thus research could really help in solving for answers.

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  • really did it this time sards..hehehe
    we have the same reference site sards, actually my answer to this assignment is somewhat a more detailed version of what you presented here...
    Gitanan man gud nimo bah..heheh

  • By the way, with regards to the topics u discussed, i think that is really the trends of todays research. I said so for i think there a lot of ideals already(but still i also know that their not enough) and researchers make most out of them. Thats why the trend goes to moving outside the box(outside their limitations) in terms of research fields. They tend to bridge almost every field, to make use of the good thing they can find on every field.

    Integration, i think that the term for it.

    And its definitely a good thing.

  • Universities from countries are truly engaged in wider areas of CS Research compare to what we have here in the Philippines. It is an alarming info that we are years behind these countries.

  • aw!
    university based research is the new paradigm. The college students and even the graduates were trained to conduct some researches., just as what our department doing is.