A short Poem of my own composition

by: sardscreed

Lying in soft green grasses
I was thinking of the memories we had
Laughing and crying
We both shared in years that past

Is it really painful?
Or you must be thankful?
For you have knew and help me
In every step I may be

It is really sad to give up
Letting things to stood up
Having an unfair heart to lead us
In this desperate ways we had

Please don't be so ignorant
'cause I'm gone for a moment
Forgive me if I'm gone too long
'cause I done this no wrong

Can't deny what I'm feeling
For somewhat kind friend I'm leaving
In this nice world we've dreaming
We can do what it takes for living

Drops of tears from my eyes
Symbol of love for you I have
Have love and treasure for it
'cause I'm the one to guide you always

Shalom my friend, you know it's not the end
For it is the start of our long joyride
To the success and enjoyment
Of our free choosing journey

Maybe it's sad or happy I may
But to leave you is the most painful way
Farewell for this time
But not goodbye forever

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