Is Freeware free?

Freeware are software being created to be distributed for free for unlimited time. However freeware may not always provide much help in terms of support if the software goes wrong, so there is always a certain amount of risk when using freeware. The source code of freeware is also widely available, therefore modification, updates and future development can be contributed to by a community of programmers, rather than just the author. Whilst freeware will be free for use, for home users, and without restrictions, this may not be the case for commercial use. The software license will indicate if academic and commercial use will be prohibited or not. This software should be fully functional and with no cost for any period of time and downloadable off the internet. Though freeware does not require financially, it does have a user license or an end user license agreement. There should be a specific licensed that is bundled with different restrictions that are also common to some programs. The common thing to these is that the software or the program should not be altered or it should remain unchanged. Freeware does not often come with technical support and some of these programs do not have a help menu. You could find a help support for different kinds of freeware when you would get to enter to forums involving the use of this freeware and it was provided also by different individuals trying to use the same software as you’ve got. It is because many freeware developers create this program with no intention to gain money or profit. Some freeware are bundled with different kinds of manuals to help end user on the use of the software. Some would include different websites that would help user and as well as a website that would mainly for users to users help. Freeware also comes with different versions since the developer does an automatic update on the software after many kinds of queries that were sent by users.

Usually, a freeware is only available for personal use and not for commercial or business. When it comes to business, a paid licensed are imposed commercially. Freeware really helps different kinds of users that are really onto online services. Many talented coders report that writing handy programs is an addictive hobby. Others use freeware as a stepping-stone to garner sales for more robust editions offered at a cost. And still other freeware programs bring traffic to sites that rely on a suite of related shareware programs for income.

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