Is this the ULTIMATE teamup of heroes to win a game in DOTA?

Are we gonna let them win again with this kind of team up of heroes in Defense of the Ancient? Hmmmf. I realize that this kind of team up could only win if the Rikimaru (Darian) would not be bullied on the first 10 mins of the game. The viper (Chris) is one who help Rikimaru (Darian) on executing kills on their opponent and on the other hand the Pit Lord (Eker) and the Death Prophet (April) were the pusher type of heroes and as well as help also executing kills lead by Rikimaru (Darian). When its about to create a destruction on a certain lane or a face off between team ups then the Beastmaster (Angelo) and the Pit Lord (Eker) were the main heroes to be trust when this time comes since the Rikimaru and the Viper would only engage after the latter two heroes finish on executing their skills then the Death Prophet executes skills engaging a very huge damage to every opponenst thus making this kind of team up to win in a certain game. If the opponent team could only negate those strategies made by the other team then they could win on the match. Better luck next time on my team. We could defeat this team up next time. I really trust Ronald's suggestion to win a game. Using wards and gem would be very useful in this kind of game match to win.

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