Several authors feel that legislation will never be able to control electronic commerce sufficiently to satisfy the demands of both governments and co

E-commerce is all about selling goods and different services via the Internet. The seller and customer are not face to face at any point, with business conducted remotely, regardless of location and distance. This can pose a number of challenges to the formation and enforcement of contracts. A number of legislative initiatives affect business conducted online - they can be complex and change regularly. As far as e-commerce transactions are concerned, the legislation is primarily intended to ensure that online contracts are legally binding. The ways in which electronic marketing can be undertaken to promote the services of e-commerce providers are also regulated. This guide introduces you to the various regulations and provides practical advice on how to ensure that you comply with your legal requirements. However, it is not a substitute for professional legal advice.
With respect to the creation of e-commerce, different regulation was also established to cater individuals that were engage in the e-commerce. Through legislation, governments and consumers were interconnected and became partners when the safety and reliability on consumers is the issue. Come to think of a certain issue that don’t have legislation, you will surely got to the point that security and reliability will be less many. We all know that different transactions made online needs security that enables as the protection to hackers, crackers, thieves and other criminal acts online. Even though without the presence of money, there are also crimes arises that we cannot afford to handle with. Since even when you are just surfing the internet, many of internet users tend to hack on your accounts and profiles. And this as a simple transaction made also needed those legislations that would help and would ease your reliability.
There are many kinds of e-commerce law that were built to secure and protect its consumers. I have read a certain topic that the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law created a model law on electronic commerce that served as a guide for many countries who passed their perspective laws. And we are included on the 14 countries that already passed their perspective laws as of June 2002. Countries included were Australia, Bermuda, Columbia, Ecuator, France, Hongkong, India, Ireland and Jersey. And a certain guide was being made to help understand more the basic components.

The Republic Act 8792 or the e-commerce law was ratified last June 14, 2000. Because of this law, the Philippine Internet Community had come to rise on the marketplace. The electronic transaction guidelines of this law are:
1. It gives legal recognition of electronic data messages, electronic documents and electronic signatures.
2. Allows the formation of contracts in electronic forms.
3. Makes banking transactions done through ATM switching, network absolute once consummated.
4. Parties are given the right to choose the type and level of security methods that suit their needs.
5. Provides the mandate for the electronic implementation of transport documents to facilitate carriage of goods. This includes documents such as, but not limited to multi-modal, airport road, rail, inland, waterway, courier, post receipts, transport documents issued by freight forwarders, marine/ocean bill of lading, non-negotiable seaway bill and charter party bill lading.

Functional Equivalence
It was stated that an e-commerce law does not necessarily cover pure electronic transactions. It tackles issues as well about traditional paper documents that were converted or replicated in electronic form like through photocopying or fax transmission.
The context of functional equivalence is that these documents shall not be denied admissibility in legal courts just because they are in electronic form.
Media and technology neutrality
To accommodate various forms of future technologies it should not be made biased or favorable towards any technologies. It should not violate other technologies in terms of usability. In order to be accepted, those were the terms that should be followed. Being neutral on other forms of technology is its main goal.
Parties have the freedom to choose the security level that suits their needs. Parties in the contract have the right to agree on how they will electronically transact and be flexible in handling non-mandatory provisions of the law. In absence of an agreement, what is stated in the law shall be followed. There were necessary documents needed for a transaction to be more reliable. These are acknowledgement receipt, time and place of dispatch and receipt of information, attribution, and transport documents.
Legal Signature
An electronic document is considered an electronic signature if a method is used to identify the signatory and indicate approval of the information contained in the electronic message.
The method was reliable and appropriate for the purpose for which the electronic document was generated or communicated. Widely used of scanning a written signature to an image is also used as an electronic signature and attaching it to documents and papers when creating a transaction online is necessarily being made in order to have a legal signature.
Electronic documents need to be created and stored in stable format and readable. It should be accessible so to be usable for subsequent reference. The reliability to its source should be ease to enable any access for the source itself.
Similar to writing, there should be a method of assurance as to its integrity is reliable. It will look into how the information is systematically generated, gaps and error handling if any and alteration protection. There are so many protection laws right now that is very much of use like patenting and copyrighting that protects on alteration of data and personal writing.
Record Retention
The law provides guidelines as well on how electronic documents and paper based documents be stored electronically.

We all know that there were legislations that imposed taxes to products. An example of this is the VAT or value added taxes. With this we all know that both the government and consumers sufficiently satisfy its demand. In order to comply on e-commerce based on general information requirements these are the necessary requirements that should be needed.
1. Your business’s name, geographic address and other contact details including your email address
2. Details of any publicly available register in which you are entered, together with your registration number or equivalent
3. The particulars of the supervisor body if the service is subject to an authorization scheme
4. Details of any professional body with which you are registered
5. Your VAT registration number
If your website refers to prices, these must be clear and indicate whether they include tax and delivery cost. Necessary information about the company should be stated in your website. A common place to put this information is in the “ABOUT INFO” or “LEGAL INFO” page of the site. It does not have to appear on every page. This rule also applies to any electronic communications sent by your company, such as emails.

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